Jeezy - Hit Um Lyrics

Jeezy - Hit Um Lyrics

Heart racing, blood racing, no hesitation
One word, determination
All the doubt and all the hate, I need it all
Why's that? It's motivation
Making history, making plays
Damn right, same time breaking records
I was born a winner, ya feel me dinner?
Rise and grind, yeah ya know a successful breakfast
Got one goal, be the best, beat the rest
Extraordinary, legendary
I see champions, they win championships
Only champions goin' to relate to this
No excuses, no regrets
Exercise, strategise, visualize
Now every time on T.V.
It's MVP when ya see me
Under Armour from my waist up
Under Armour from my waist down
Stand tall when it gets soft
Where I'm from, ain't no laying down
Make 'em remember my last name
Then they remember my first name
When they asked me what my secret is
Treat every game like my first game, look

All I know is win, boy I hit them folks
Then I score again, boy I hit them folks
Going hard with my team, damn we hit them folks
Then ya know our grind mean, boy we hit them folks
Against all odds boy we hit them folks
In our mind, we superstar, boy we hit them folks
Grind hard till it hurt then we hit them folks
And when it time to go to work, why we hit them folks

(Verse 2)
All I do is win, all I do is win
See it's a state of mind, somethin' we can't pretend
And that adrenaline is runnin' deep through my vains
And when it's said and done they gon' remember my name
It's all in yo mind, all in yo mind
Ain't taking no for an answer and that's the bottom line
Got everythin' to gain and nothin' to lose
And if ya in my way I suggest that ya move
They ain't goin' to give it to ya boy, ya got to work
And if ya eva get it boy, ya got to own it
They call me squad leader, I be leading my squad
Or call me odd beater, I be beating the odds